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Pioneers in the Breath analysis Interlock Device with 24 years’ experience

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Pioneers in the Breath analysis Interlock Device

An Ignition Interlock Device is a breath analyzer on your vehicle that is electronically connected to the ignition. These devices, the Series III, is about the size of a cellular phone. When you breathe into the unit for 3-4 seconds, it measures your breath alcohol level and compares it with predetermined limits. If your breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) is over the authorized limit, your vehicle will not start. Our company, Autosense Ignition Interlock Service of California, specializes in the installation of these devices. We have authorized installation centers located throughout the state that are focused

We are your single source for locating Hi tech, precision, authorized ignition interlock device installation center in your immediate area. Whether you are seeking an ignition interlock device on your own accord or you have been ordered by a court of law to install one in your vehicle, Autosense Ignition Interlock Device is your best alternative. Our ignition interlock to meet National Highway Traffic Safety Association standards

For the past 24 years Autosense has been offering the very reliable, accurate, feature rich user friendly product, the alcolock. The features offered by Autosense from day one are yet to be matched by competition

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Pioneers in the Breath analysis Interlock Device with 24 years’ experience

  • Series III Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID)

    The Autosense System is accurate and programmable with tamper-resistant vehicle ignition interlock

  • Convenient & Affordable

    The Autosense system is easily installed without alteration to cosmetics, mechanics or electronics of vehicle.


    The Autosense System electronically stores tests results

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  • Portable Alcohol testing Device …The AlcoSense

    Portable Alcohol Testing Device. The AlcoSense contains the same reliable and easy to use technology as the Alcolock III in car device but in a portable package

  • Product Features

    State of Art technology in wireless data down loading and reporting requirements for DMV requirements

  • Text message

    Portable Alcohol Testing Device includes functions to send text messages